Can anyone help me :(

Hey can anyone help me,
iv designed an order form for a fake company and it is fully working but i have to make some technical documentation on how the java script works, i used DreamWeaver CS4 to make the form then used automatic code generator to add the java script, my problem is iv sent away my technical documentation over 4 times and it has been turned down, so i was hoping that one of you guys, the pros could maybe hook me up with some technical documentation on my java script.
Heres a link to the order form i would have attached the file but im new to here and dont think i can attach it lol’s%20Fruit%20Shop%20Order%20Form.html

best regards DMC :slight_smile:

Who is the information being sent to, and why is the information being turned down?

Once the target audience and requirements are known, someone will be able to help in a more appropriate manner.

Hi DMC1992, welcome to the forums,

You say “your code” but I only see code for Spry and MM_validateForm

What javascript code are you talking about?

here is the full info on what i am ment to do, as you all can tell im not the gr8 at java, this is the last project in my Cert IV and i have tryed many times but i just cant complete it. could anyone help?

Your project - Write programs in Javascript
This is your project
Your project is to enhance the web site that you created for Joe’s Fruit and Vegetables previous. You are required to enhance the site with some JavaScript features. There are two parts to the project.

Task 1
The first requirement is to develop an order form that clients can complete.
Several of the fields on the order form are required fields that the user must fill in or select. You must use JavaScript to check the validity of all required fields before allowing the user to submit the form.
Where possible check all completed fields for valid data. For example phone numbers should only contain digits, email addresses should contain an “@” character and “.”. Required fields like name, address, card details, and fruit selections must not be left blank.
The processing of the form data is handled by programs running on the server and is not required in this exercise. However, if the form is not filled out correctly, your JavaScript program should display the form again to the user, with some explanation as to why it was rejected. It is normal to print the explanation in red with instructions on how to ensure the form is filled in correctly.
Remember good programmers document their code so make sure your finished script has plenty of comments so that it can be readily understood and maintained by others in your organisation.
A sample of such a form is shown below but you should develop your own form details and layout:

Order form for Joe’s Fruit Shop
A * means you must fill in the details.
Your details:

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Suburb or Town: * State: * Postcode:
  • Home phone: Work phone:
    FAX: Email address:

Credit card details:

  • Type: *Expiry date:

Purchase details

  • Basket choice: Quantity:

  • Deliver to:
    Home address
    Other address
    ( Suburb or town) (State) (Postcode)

  • Date delivery required:
    Include a card: Yes
    Personal message on card:
    Click on Submit when done; click on Clear form to restart.

Task 2 Need help with this…
You should, in conjunction with developing your order form, also produce technical and user documentation for your script. I have provided several links below that discuss writing software documentation to help get you started.

Your tasks are to:

  1. Develop your Javascript order form for the Joe’s Fruit Shop site.
  2. Test and debug your script to ensure that it all works correctly.
  3. Develop your script documentation. ________________________________________
    You will need to submit:
  4. Your technical and user documentation
  5. Your completed order form page and associated files

I suggest that you approach your tutor/teacher/advisor/lecturer about this and ask them for more details on what they require from you, as they will best know what more they expect from you.

hey thanks for the help guys, i tryed youtube and all good lol