Can anyone help me with how to host my own site with apache

Hi guys i am totally new to servers and hosting my own site i am studying to be a pc engineer but this does not help me with servers.

so i have a pc running win 8 and a pc running wn xp home and apache i would like to now how i can upload my site via wifi to my apache server i am hoping to run my own home business and cut out any middle cost totally if anyone could help with a step guide it would help me amazingly.

Thanks RobiB10.


First, WELCOME to SitePoint!

Next, this is NOT advised because:

  1. It would be against your ISP’s T&C
  2. It would require that you monitor your connections 7/24/365¼
  3. It would subject your PC to round-the-clock hack attacks
  4. Host’s sysadmins know how to maintain a server (you’ve already said that you do not)

It’s not worth the little savings you may gain by opening yourself to these problems.

On the other hand, I’ve long used a PC to test all my code before uploading to my hosts’ servers. Kevin Yank’s book can help you set that up quickly.



Also if you are using an asynchronous internet connection (eg. ADSL) then you only have a very slow upload speed for sending so your pages will load very slowly even if only one person is accessing the page because your upload speed will be the slowest point in the access.

Another point is do you have a UPS for your computer to keep it running if you have a power blackout. You will need one with sufficient power to keep your computer and router running for a reasonable time. An appropriate one will probably cost the same as several year’s worth of shared hosting.

Finally, the “middle man” cost of web hosting is typically less than hosting it properly yourself – even before you factor in the price of the risks listed above.

The energy cost of running a home server 24/7/365 is more expensive than a cheap shared hosting account.