Can anyone advise me on many to many relationships for my ERM?

I have created my ERM, I was using the conolly and Begg 9 steps, and have realised that at step 7 I need to create a junction table between my many to many tables. I am unsure of why exactly and how to do this correctly, can anyone provide some help with this? Here is my ERM diagram:

I appreciate any of your expertise advise on this as all information I could find seemed to be lacking in a full explanation.

Many thanks.

If you need a junction table / link table / bridging table , you need as a minimum a table with the primary key of both the tables in it, and you declare that both of these, which are now foreign keys of course, are a joint primary key of the table. Occasionally, you may need another attribute in the junction table as well.

for example.
A book can have many authors. PK of the table book is isbn.
An author can write many books. PK of author table is idAuthor

So you have a junction table - bookAuthor {isbn, idAuthor}