Can any one share most useful Add-ons of Mozilla Firefox?

Can any one share most useful Add-ons of Mozilla Firefox?

Web Developer Plugin and LeechBlock.

Hard to say. This really depends on what you do or you want to do when you browse. It is not the same to be productive at work than simply browsing around and having fun.

Same with the type of work you do. The most useful plug-íns for a social media marketer will not be the most useful plug-íns for a web developer or a WordPress blogger.

Be more specific please

which type of Add ones you need for Firefox? because a large number of add ones available which perform different work so first explain which type of add ones do you need then i will share. You can also find yourself just goto tools then add ones and here search which type of you needed.

There are so many add-ons which so helpful. like dofollow and nofollow link checker or auto fill forum and other like some add-on help to check ranking on alexa.

“Fire bug” is most impart add on for web design purpose…

you need to have the right tool for the right job
ever aspect has its own demand.
you need to be specific

The easiest way to figure out the essential add-ons for Firefox is to take a look at all the built in features in Opera. Those are the features that you most need to add to Firefox using extensions.

For those using Chrome it is just a matter of waiting - Chrome will eventually implement all the same features as Opera, just a while afterward to give them time to see what has been added to Opera and copy it (which is how the essential extensions for Firefox get created as well).

Since the original poster has not given more details, we can help much. Thread closed.