Can any one access site control panel without disclosed password

Hi All,

I have my live website but some one access my control panel and deleted my customers table and frontend folders,

We have changed twice control panel, and DB password, how someone or my earlier developer can access my DB, table without sharing password, is developer has run any script and developer running that script from their end and getting access of my passwords.

please suggest any idea on this…

This sounds like an issue that you should discuss with your hosting provider. If you can verify who you are, they might have some options for you - and they might not, depends on the host and on your panel and how it all works.

I agree with @Jeffreylees, You’d probably like to discuss it with your hosting provider.

Just as a note, maybe this person did have the control panel password… or maybe he found the FTP username and password and found the database info in some PHP file (as an example) and managed to delete what he wanted. Are you sure that he accessed your control panel?

Hi! dude,
I am agree to Molona and Jeffery, Only your host can be helpful in this situation, if you are sure that any unauthorized person theft your database password and making changes.

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