Can a person has two Facebook accounts with different email Ids? Is it Right?

Can we use one Facebook account for personal stuff and another for business stuff. If so why If not then tell me any alternatives?

You don’t need two accounts. You can create the business and it has it’s own identity when you post to it.

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Business page notifications will be seen by my friends and family members I want to keep business and personal life separated. Is it okay to have 2 accounts or not?

Why not go straight to the proverbial horse?


What will happen to the account if they find out?

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how would they find out. Just keep your info different and there is no reason why they should find out. Whilst i don’t advocate breaking their rules i can’t see the problem as long as you are running a legitimate business. I prefer to keep personal and business as separate as possible.

When you get notifications from a business page on Facebook, no one will see the notifications nor have access to it except yourself. Your identity is hidden when you post as an admin of a business page on that business page. You can merge duplicate pages and even create more than 1 business page all at once on the same Facebook account.

You can open 100 different accounts with a 100 different emails.

You can do that with many services, but in most cases, it will be in direct violation of their Terms of Service.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should


No, your business notification won’t be seen by your family members or friends. I am myself running several business pages and they don’t see any notification coming from the those pages.

nothing will happen.

This is also my thinking to advocate it, properly.

Didn’t say it’s ok, just said it’s possible.

As the title of the topic asks “Is it Right?”, then offering answers which are not right without clarifying is not helpful in any way.

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