Call to action for physical services?

Hello all, Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I am currently setting a website up for a new business. The business involves bathroom design and installation. I see other websites offering a quote request or brochure on their sites.

I’m not sure if offering both is a good idea, on one hand, the customers that we get through the quote request, we get their details and can go sell to them. but I’m sure we are going to get a lot more conversions on brochure request as their is no commitment on their part and at least I get their details so I can continue to market to them.

Should I focus on one or the other? or is good to focus on say the quote request and use the brochure request as a subtle backup plan?

If anyone can point me to good books or website’s on the subject I’d appreciate it.

I’d focus on what your customers may want to do. If you starve people of choices, or don’t provide the right information they could just go elsewhere.

Saying that, why do you actually need people to download a brochure? Surely your web site should answer the questions a brochure might answer for potential customers? You could also argue that having a separate brochure download is a form of free advertising over and above what your web site offers.

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Depending on how the brochure is presented this can be a great way to “trade” information. For instance, I’ve helped a lot of my clients gather information from potential customers by offering a “Free buyers guide” or other material in exchange for an email address which can be used in further marketing/communication.

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