Call back url's - urgent help

Hai folks,

We sent 2way sms to our employees from the head office.
what car you like? Reply
1 for Honda
2 for Hyundai
3 for Toyota
4 for Skoda

Now when employee replies, our sms gateway provider is telling , they will get us the response via a callback url.
Our sms gateway provider manual says :

Callback URLs will be used to send messages back to applications via a standard HTTP GET or POST.
The reply-path URL is set by you within Central.

Example: If you provide this URL then we will do a POST
or GET as follows:

What happens when we are unable to connect to your server?
we provide retries of MO callbacks. We follow retry as follows:

  1. 2 minutes after the original attempt
  2. 4 minutes after last retry
  3. 8 minutes after last retry
  4. 16 minutes after last retry
  5. 32 minutes after last retry
  6. 64 minutes after last retry
  7. 128 minutes after last retry (max retries reached)

After this, we do not retry again.

my question is : to receive values using $_GET Method from above url. when i want to run my script sms.php? coz employee may reply after 5 min or 1 hour or even after 1 day. so do i need to keep refresh my php page every second?:rolleyes:

The script is run when it is called. There’s no need for you to run it at some specific time.

More specifically, you should never run that script. (other than to test, obviously)

The SMS service will call your script when it triggers (Presumably, whenever it gets a response from one of your employees)

Got it guys!!!