Calendar with hover functionallity

Hi I have come across this calendar on the bottom right of this website:

You will have to click on the top left icon to get into the website.

What I Like about it is that you can hover over a date then a speech bubble will appear with the event for that day.

Does anyone know how to achieve this functionallity or how i can get anything close to it? I would like to implement the feature of the user hovers over a date and a speech bubble appears with the event, on my website.


It looks like they are using jQuery mixed with Ajax. I couldn’t quite determine where their code is from, but it might be a bit complex to use anyway. Just a random search on Google for jQuery calendars produced these:

The AJAX toggles the months but for the actual events they have already loaded with the page and are being hidden. Looks like they are tooltips.

They kinda screwed it up. I guess, as usual, they couldn’t figure out how to make it work without Javascript, which is just sad. looks like they didn’t discover “overflow”.

It might be too much work to be worthwhile, but our calendars are HTML/CSS and coupled with the back-end to make them dynamic. Here’s my static example, though on my personal site, for my own calendars, I also fixed the little jiggle you see on :hover too.

Basically tables with plain-old CSS tooltips. All the browser bugs that go with CSS tooltips apply.