Calculation inside long variables

$multiplier=2; $var=$multiplier." times 3 is ".($multiplier*3); echo $var. The code above produces “2 times 3 is 6”.

Let’s make the variable short like the below

$var="multiplier3"; $var=str_replace('multiplier',$multiplier,substr($var,0,-1))*substr($var,-1); echo $var;The code above produces “6”.

Now let’s make the variable long like the below.

$var1="Okay, multiplier3 is the answer"; $var2="Yes, multiplier4 is correct"; $var3="Good, multiplier2, nice"; How can I produce or change the variable like the below

“Okay, 6 is the answer” for var1.
“Yes, 8 is correct” for var2
“Good, 4, nice” for var3

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