Calculating date on the fly

I have a column “submition_date” type DATE and also a column “Elapsed_time”
Question is - is it possible to calculate the date difference in days from “submition_date” to current date and display the values In “elapsed_time”

So basically column “elapsed_time” would always have an updated value in it.

Probably a very simple question for most of you, any help or pointers are much appreciated.

yes, you can do this type of calculation, but why would you store it in a column? it’s just going to be wrong tomorrow

hi r937,

Exactly, yes im able to calculate it and store it in a column, but i want to do the calculation on the fly so that the column has “fresh” values every time. makes sense?

sorry, no, it doesn’t make sense

just do the calculation, and forget about storing the result