C programming is important for web designers?

Is Really C programming is important for web designers b’coz
i don’t have any experience in web design. i just started to learn HTML
SO i want to know is C programming is very important to start programming
and also i want to learn PHP , JAVA , MYSQL in future on that base is i really need to learn c ??

What do u thing Plz help i am confuse.

Sorry for my bad English.

Learning one programming language makes it easier to learn similar programming languages. There are lots of programming languages that are similar to C because their creators had already learnt C and were trying to improve on it.

C, C++, C#, Java are important if you work for Big Corporate Clients as Consultant (that’s my case as IT Pro), not so much as Web Designer. PHP/MySQL/Javascript/CSS are more likely to be usefull for you in that case (as for me use them as Hobbyst).

Languages are not all, the most daunting learning curve is for libraries like PHP Symfony, Wordpress, Zend Framework, JQuery, … all these will accelerate development and seem to be in huge demands in freelancer world but just making the first step much harder.

I learned C++ in high school. Haven’t ever used it since. Even on my corporate clients.

C programming is a base for any programming language .The basic semantic and syntax followed in c is very much similar in Java,Delphi,csharp,javascript and actionscript. To learn C is not must but it is good building block for programming.

In primitive times, BASIC (Begineer ALL Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) used to be programming language and it is used to be based for all programming language. Later we have Pascal and so on.

No C is nothing at all like any of those languages. C++ is very like the languages you mention but C uses a completely different paradigm.

The difference between a procedure oriented and object oriented programming is far far far greater than any other difference in programming.

Java, Delphi, Csharp, JavaScript, ActionScript, and C++ are all object oriented languages while C is a procedure oriented language and therefore has almost nothing whatever in common with the other languages and would be as useful toward learning any of them as any of those languages would be in learning a rules oriented language.