bxSlider navigation question

Hey guys, I’m re-designing my portfolio site and I’m having trouble with bxslider. I want to add the next and previous buttons so users can navigate through the slides as fast or as slow as the want, but they are showing up underneath my slideshow. I want them on the sides of the slide. I’ve tried adjusting the width of the div tag I have the slider inside of, but that doesn’t seem to work. I played around with it for about a half an hour with no luck.

The site is online at http://www.mverminski.com/test


Based on your page source, bxSlider is part of the jquery library, right?

anywho…I’ll take a blind stab:

Changing the width shouldn’t do anything. You would need to place the arrow divs where you want them (on the left and right of the div, inside or outside, without any “<br>” and enclose all three divs within a new element),

hope this helps, and if it doesn’t …

Hi thanks for the response. I set up the div tags #prev and #next, I placed them inside the #slider div, but they aren’t functioning. The arrows are there, but you can’t click on them.

In the code for the slider I added prevSelector: ‘#prev’ and nextSelector: ‘#next

I’m not sure where the problem is now.

EDIT: Nevermind I got it to work. I didn’t realize I deleted the prevImage and nextImage lines of code for bxslider. I added those back and now it works fine!

Glad it worked out…sorry I couldn’t give you the code to start with, but I don’t like working with 3rd party code (usually gives me a headache :slight_smile: )