Buying Internet Traffic

I have noticed many people selling followers, internet traffic and likes.

As it happens clients want results. Those results are often seen in metrics. Those metrics boil down to numbers and conversions.

I recently came accross a gig on Fivvr, worse case scenario is I loose my 5 dollar retirement fund :stuck_out_tongue: So why not give it a try?

Would there be any real value in purchasing traffic. There are a number of website which recently spawned up selling just that. Would it be wrong to purchase traffic.

I recently came across this, Some of those bought followers caused real followers. When Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were fresh it might have been easy to become the next Justin Bieber. That being said once a social stream becomes overused things become more difficult resulting in ‘black hat’ SMO’ hoping to generate results.

None of the purchased traffic or followers will interact in any meaningful manner or be engaged, so metrics such as e.g. bounce rate, page views per visit, facebook edgerank, will all suffer.

5 dollars is not going to kill anybody. For what it’s worth I have decided to give it a try and see the results on those metrics. There are lots of ways to buy traffic, including advertising, so it’s all pretty interesting to see how this unfolds.

5 dollars won’t kill anyone and probably won’t get you flagged for violating a site’s terms of service either [although that’s certainly a real risk] but if you’re buying Facebook fans it, just like any other gimmicky marketing, will have a very real impact on your post visibility.

Sending them ‘traffic’ that has no interest in their products is dishonest, there’s little difference ethically than writing a bot to hammer the site or other black hat activity. Sure $5 is nothing, but all it gets you is a team of kids in a far east spam sweat shop that probably can’t even read English clicking refresh for half an hour. What’s the point in that? How does this provide a service for a client?

Because of the low entry fee I think it’s worth seeing what I get and if any responses at all from the 5 bucks spent.

I am not buying Facebook fans, just internet traffic. I think you’re probably right on the far eastern people clcking refresh on the browser. There was a scheme wereby people from the far east were doing this, 100 refreshes would get them 2 dollars. I was recommended to join as to make money, but I honestly could not be bothered sitting there all day pressing refresh. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know there will be little to no value buying traffic, but we’d see how things unveil and if anything materializes from this.

Edit: Chances are I’d have spend 5 bucks with a slight increase on statistics.

Interesting point, buying traffic. Has anyone had experience with this ? Does it mean general traffic or targeted traffic (keyword or topic).
Does the traffic have a particular amount and is their any residue effects after the amount has been reached ?
I have seen this advertised, but do not know much about it.


hi Segam, I’m not really in favor of purchasing traffic and links . this can raise a issue for website or even it can penalized by search engines…

I have a few friends who have had success buying traffic for very general niches, but they have to buy A LOT and they do A LOT of A/B testing on their landing pages before they expect to turn a substantial profit.

That being said, I automatically assume that most sites that send targeted traffic are sending fake traffic (I have tried 3 services and never had any positive results). If you are looking for targeted traffic that is cheaper than Adwords, you may want to look into other credible ad networks before you resort to buying visitors.


I can confirm the traffic buying is kind of a scam. It’s either automated bots or some poor fella in Asia refreshing the page. I cannot say I will get results from this and I would have been better off using AdWords as you suggested. That being said sometimes we have to try something in order to see how it works and the results.

In terms of being penalized. I think this is rather unlikely, as your competition could easily buy traffic and target your website to get your de-ranked.

@Sega ;

Lijit and Bidvertiser are some legit networks that I have had good experiences with. traffic is also very affordable depending on what products you are promoting.

I’ve also notice this kind of scenario in the web. For me, it is one of the scams made by so many people around the web. I think buying traffics might cause soem hard risk to the website and it’s rankings.

Look, buying traffic for websites is not good. It violates the Google’s guidelines. Recently, Interflora (a top website for flower) just did the same after this, the site has been hit by Google and now the site ranking is down.

I really disapprove of buying any traffic or social media like or whatever, the reason for this is that your wasting your money first and the traffic is not permanent so why not do proper promotion of your website and get it the free way even though it can be hard but be patient.