Button questions


I have some questions related to how I should create buttons.

Here is some background…

When a user on my website wants a paid subscription, they click on a “Subscribe” button in the top menu. This takes them next to a page which displays 3 side-by-side panes/panels/boxes, each containing a different subscription option. (Let’s call them “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”.)

If the user chooses either “Silver” or “Gold”, then I want to take them immediately to a checkout page.

But if the user chooses the “Platinum” option, then I will take them next to a catalog page where they get to choose a free eBook, and then after they select that, I will take them to the checkout page.

I’m not sure of the best way to do this and make it intuitive to the user?!

1.) Should I have a “Select” button on each plan, and then a second button called “Next”?

2.) Is it okay to have multiple words in a button?

For “Silver” and “Gold” I was thinking of: “Select and Checkout”

For “Platinum” I was thinking of: “Select and Choose Free eBook”

Or is that too wordy? (I’m trying to tell people that they need to click the button to choose a subscription plan and then let them know what comes next.)

3.) Should a button tell you WHAT IT DOES or should it tell you WHERE YOU GO?