Button No Showing on Firefox or IE Only on Chrome

Please help me, my site is www.luarangkasa.com

I add Google Follow button on the top navigation, it does not show up on Firefox or IE, but it works on Google Chrome.

Please tell me what’s wrong. Thanks.

To try and narrow the problem down try adding this css to show the widget by default.

.social-expand {display:block!important}

I’m wondering if the script isn’t working because the element is hidden to start with. At least the code above should either confirm or rule out that avenue of debugging.:slight_smile:

When I follow your advice, the button does show up, any advice to make it work?


You could try setting it to display:block to start with and then hiding it with js once the document has loaded.


Add this JS before the closing body tag at the end of the html.

<script type="text/javascript">
	jQuery('.social-expand').css( "display", "none" );

Then adjust the CSS:

.social-expand {display:block}

If that doesn’t work I’ll move the thread to the JS forum as this is more js related than css :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying helping me, but it still does not work.

I don’t see the css I gave you in your stylesheet?

You still have the display:none on .social-expand.

Paul O’B, I tested it on localhost. Here I updated it on the live website, please check.

Paul O’B, sorry it seems that I can’t edit above post. I wanted to say that when first visit to the website the button does not show up, but then if you refresh the page, it shows up. I tried and close Firefox, and the same thing happens again, first visit the button not show up but after refresh it shows up.

FYI: I see the Google plus button in Firefox and IE11 when the page is first opened; same as Chrome.

I think it’s there but because of the computed color (.hma #262626 from https://apis.google.com//scs/apps-static//ss/k=oz.cpw.-6uxmpkbnmimx.L.F4.O/m=cpw,wf/am=ACAh/d=1/rs=AItRSTPzwGGrzRxBOJCJIGm-1WaRsKajkQ) you can’t see it.
Turn of CSS and it’s there


Perhaps try not hiding the element with display:none but hide it off-screen instead.


.toggle-social + .social-expand{

.toggle-social.active + .social-expand{

If that doesn’t work then I’ll move the thread to the JS forum as I think the solution will be there.:slight_smile:

Hi, sorry was busy working at the office, only have time during the weekend. I tested the code, Paul, and it is working. Thank you.