Button link to swf file

Could someone help me how to link a button (b1) in a flash file to an swf file (ballprojectweb.swf)?

Basically, the idea is, when I play the current scene (show the button), I click on the button and it will play the ballprojectweb.swf file.

I took a Flash course before but I forgot this stuff. It is tough as it is anyway. :confused:

Use loadMovie() and pass the name of the swf file as the parameter for that method.

Thanks, but I am not sure where to use that and how. Could you write it out? Sorry but I am a bit lost on your comment.

You’ll need to create a movieclip to load it into, position it on the stage where you want it, give it an instance name(myMovieClip) then you can use this:

b1.onRelease = function() {
 loadMovie("ballprojectweb.swf", "myMovieClip");

Hey, long time no talk! :slight_smile: Maybe you will solve all of my problems? :lol:

Thanks for the code, I will try that tomorrow. What I was trying to do was to put a flash movie (swf file), into a flash movie. OK confusing.

Basically, when I push a button in a flash presentation, another swf file will play. Flash in flash. I think your code will do it. I shall try tomorrow.

You might be a good one to ask this question: If I have a bunch of flash movies, that I have done, beginner stuff, and I want to put that onto my web site, but my web site is already flash, basically a picture viewer type, this is the only way I can do that, right? Flash in flash. Create a page with buttons and those will get the movie to play.

OK, I tried it. The code is good, no error messages, however when I test the movie, the hand appears over the graphic which means it finds the button but when I click, there is no action. That is, it does not bring up the movie = swf file. What am I doing wrong? This should work. :confused: