Button append(), click function no response?


<li class='li">
<button type="button" id="<?php htmlout($replierid); ?>"  name="report" >


$(document).ready(function() {
	$("button[name='report']").click(function() {

script end


	     var li = ..
            $(li).append(the same button);

script end

the new buttons’ css, and every part of its html looks fine, however their click function is not available, does anyone know what causes this problem?

Hm… I ran a fiddle and everything seems to be working:

I see some syntax errors on the HTML part and I wonder if they are making the click method not get executed.

Wrap that li class with either single or double quotes only.

The button element needs to be closed.

Also, I didn't get the last part. Where is the following snippet supposed to be in the code? Is this also causing an error?

I saw the click me button, but actually my problem is when I append more buttons, the new buttons’ click function is not available.
I tried to use live() function like this:

	$("button[name='report']").live("click",function() {


it made all the buttons’ click function unavailable.

I used on(), the new buttons’ click function is still not available

it’s done, by using

thank you though.

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