Business Question: What to Do When Client Cannot Supply Enough Photos 4 Site

Here’s the deal. I am developing a web site (not for chump change, either) for a remodeling contractor. I really need to do a great job for this guy because it will be a lynchpin to acquiring better quality clients of my own.

One key problem I am running into is that the guy is a one man shop and has not had the resources or the foresight to take enough good quality pictures of his past remodeling projects. He goes in, gets done, gets paid, and blasts out to another billable gig. He just doesn’t think (about it.)

He has some good photos - but almost none that showcase high end building materials like Corian, marble, stone. He has taken good quality pictures of some very middle-class remodeling jobs - IE, kitchens with Formica countertops and white cabinets. Also, he lacks an inventory of pictures of “large scope” remodeling jobs like entire basements, siding jobs, roofs, etc. Most of his pictures are of areas of 15’ width or less.

I see this as a competitiveness issue for his site - a very casual Google of local remodelers in the region shows on their web sites tons of photos of completed jobs that incorporate high end fixtures and materials, and a lot of finished basements, fronts of houses, etc.

One thing I really wanted to do with his site was showcase his versatility with higher end materials.

So, the questions I had:

Any suggestions to give him to obtain such images? (I’m noting that if he asks past clients if he can use photos of their jobs, he may face randomly clutter and other problems in getting clean pictures.)

Are stock photos acceptable? (for a contractor’s site, where the visitor probably assumes that most photos are of finished jobs by that company.)


If you can’t find the same image on stock photos, why not grab your camera and visit the site? Take the pics yourself, and put it as additional on the billings.

Agree with Shadir - charge him extra for photography or buying from stock photo websites.