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I unexpectedly have this opportunity to build a small 7-10 page website for information containing info relating to robotic paint spraying systems that automotive manufacturers use in the United State then redirect to a link to the main website that is located in India for other any other inquiries. I told the person I dealing with that I would setup a small CMS for someone with administrator’s rights to be able to add/remove content via the CMS. I don’t want to get stuck with maintaining the website. I know with all the websites that say building a website yourself is easy and cheap if you go through them , but at the same time I don’t want to over price my quote. That’s the dilemma that I have. I was thinking $1000 to $1500 (USD) would be a fair price, but I know in today’s climate clients can sometimes even go into shock over that kind of pricing? The website would be done with PHP OOP with no framework for I have already set up some nice PHP classes using namespaces that work pretty darn good. Any ideas or suggestions on how I should handling this?

Thanks John

You want to charge $1000 - 1500, but you don’t want a cheap solution to help you? What’s the dilemma, again?

$1000 is cheap for a 10-page site. That’s $100 a page. If each page takes 5 hrs to make, then you get $20/hr. Is this what you want to make?

I think PHP OOP is overkill for such a small site.

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A cheap solution is looking for a Wordpress template that most adapts to your needs and taking it from there. Building a CMS, let alone a good and usable one, is going to take you months to years

Hi Pepster64,
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