Business formation for multiple sites

I am ready to start a business for the saas apps that I have been developing…I have decided on an llc, but I am confused about one thing: if I’m starting multiple sites, should I form a separate llc for each one or form a single llc and register dba’s for each site? Or are the sites considered “products” and nothing more than a single llc is needed?

I would like to keep everything as centralized as possible and keep formation costs as low as I can

Unless there is some specific reason to keep them separate (such as special liability or asset protection) you can generally just form an LLC and move all the assets into it. Once you have momentum, an accountant, and an attorney you can always break it up. A website is not really a product (i.e. something you can inventory) but it’s certainly an asset, intellectual property, and something that the business must own. Even creation of a DBA for each site is not necessary unless you are trying to avoid using the main LLC name in business dealings.

Start small and simple unless there are special needs.

Ok… that makes sense. So if I have “companyname LLC” with websites called “serviceA” and “serviceB”, then the website names don’t actually have to be a business name? I guess I could just trademark them and have my company name on all the legal and business documents

Unless you have a special need to protect your website’s marker/name, you really don’t even need to trademark them to start doing business.

Ok, so here is what I’ve decided… let me know if this sounds viable.

I’ve decided to start a single llc (ex: ABC technologies LLC) and launch an SaaS app on a separate website (, owned by the LLC) and treating it as a brand (and trademarking it). I’m doing this so I can operate side projects to generate revenue (i gotta eat) under the LLC while building up the SaaS site. I don’t plan on filing for a dba as I will still use my LLC name on all official docs.

Is this a valid approach?

Sounds fine.

It doesn’t really mean anything to say that you are going to ‘treat your website like a brand’ - you are overcomplicating this.Just look at it like:

  • You create an LLC
  • The LLC owns/operates a website
  • The LLC also does other side projects

That’s is. Branding is a totally different thing. DBA’s are only needed when you do business under a different name than your LLC. Focus on growing and don’t worry about this stuff. Try to get an adviser who can help you with these things - an accountant at the very least.

yes,how to start the 1st stage?

Nice,thank you.

what is premium ?

I think you should keep separate llc for each website as they might be confusing for you in future.

to start a small business is always not easy.

Well If you are a limited organization, do you really want to set up multiple Ltd organizations. This will have a price, and a chance to make sure that you comply to the organizations your policies for each. Yearly processing, bookkeeping, applying each with hmrc.