Bundler Install error


I am new to ROR and was installing it on my Windows 7 machine for the first time. After installing the packages from (http://railsinstaller.org/en) - I start to write some code, but when I tried “rails server” it shows me following error:

Could not find gem 'uglifier <~> 2.3> x86-mingw32 in the gems available on this machine. Run 'bundle install' to install missing gem

Then I ran “bundler install” and it installed some files, but I finally saw this :

Please guide me how to fix these errors.

Thank you

Windows usually needs the DevKit to build native, C-based extensions.
If I were you, I would try installing it (instructions here) and seeing if that helps.

This is because of a bug in your version of rubygems.

You can either run
gem update --system

Or, remove the s from your sources in your gemfile, like so:
source ‘rubygems[dot]org’

I’m curious. What leads you to conclude this?