Building a Flickr Commons Browser in Flex

In today’s tutorial, Building a Flickr Commons Browser in Flex, our friendly Flex aficionado Toby Tremayne puts some of Flex 4’s many new features under the microscope to demonstrate how easy component development and skinning can be.

With a little Flex familiarity, and a general grasp of ActionScript, you’ll be able to make Flex talk to Flickr’s API, download and display images, and do some basic skinning by the time you get through the article. You’ll also be able to download the code and import it as a Flash Builder project archive.

After learning how to retrieve and display images, and playing around with the improved skinning capability in Flex 4, you’ll be able to browse photos that have a creative commons license from Flickr. So you can use them in your own blog posts.

We’ve got another quiz for you to try out, so once you’ve read the [URL=“”]article be sure to give it a go!