Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Page 218

I have successfully got to page 218 using the markup & CSS in the book but using my own photos.
> I have downloaded the code & photos & have been stuck for hours trying to place a downloaded image into a background.
> Specifically, on page218
> #navigation {
> width: 180px;
> height: 484px
> background: #7da5d8;
> It all works fine up to here but when I try to install the photo with the following CSS as per the book .
> background: #7da5d8 url(backgrounds/nav-bg.jpg) no-repeats;
> I have relocated the specific image (nav-bg) to the folder containing the web pages in any number of combinations of folders , I have renamed folders , all to no avail . the image simply does not appear on the web page.
> The downloaded data came in a zip folder which unzips to a folder named html2-code which contains 9 folders & an index , one of the 9 folders namely “shared” contains a further 3 folders one of which contains the “background” images I want to use .
> My specific question is how do I set up the downloaded “background” files so I can use them as per instructions in the book from page 218 onwards.

Hi rodb, welcome to the forums,

In my code archive folder it’s like

The trick is to get the paths relative to where things are. As long as your HTML file is using
<link href=“style1.css” rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css”/>
and whatever folder those are in has a folder named backgrounds that has the images files in it, you should be OK

Any help?

Hello Mittineague, Thanks for the welcome & the quick response to my question, will give it a go . regards