Browser issue

i have the below

<td class=“dot1 st11 td4” align=“center”>
<ul style=“margin-left:0px”>
<marquee onmouseover=“this.stop();”…

if i have
<ul style=“margin-left:-10px”>
in IE left 2 letter get cut when displayed
but in FF it appears fine

if i have
<ul style=“margin-left:1px”>
in IE & FF its perfect
but in FF i get horizontal scroll bar
how do i rectify

Marquee, align… what is this 1998?

margin-left:-10px; – are you adding position:relative so it depth sorts over/out of the parent? NOT that such tricks usually work inside a table.

“dot1 st11 td4” – and what am I always saying about vague and ultimately useless/meaningless classnames on elements?

We’d have to see an actual page to say for sure, but it looks like you might be using tables on non-tabular data, attempting to use tables in a manner that naturally doesn’t work across browsers, and using decade out of date coding methodologies.

Marquee, align… what is this 1998? ???

i got it from net
i cant use javascript for marquee as i get the data frm database
is there any other way??

reg the use of tables
just using divs & other elements & CSS other than table i was not able to design the layout effectively as needed

so had used table & css

Well again, it’s hard to say how what you are attempting to do should even be done without seeing the actual page – snippets are useless; like instructing Doc Holiday in doing brain-surgury over a time phone to 1876.

Not sure what getting the data from a database has to do wtih a marquee; though it sounds like the type of animooted nonsense that might not belong on a website in the first place; though there are plenty of ways to handle such things without the browser specific and decade out of date markup.

I mean, I could be wrong, I’m guessing wildly here – but if you ‘have’ to use tables for layout and ‘have’ to use marquee for an effect, it’s usually the case you’re designing a bad site. Could be worse though, you could have posted the bgsound attribute pointing at a .mid file.

its difficult to understand as to wht u want to say
as i have already told that just using css & div i am finding it difficult to design a site

secondly reg the marquee effect
i need to display some data from the backend databse on to the page & shld have a scroll effect
if u have any better options it wuld be helpful

i have checked the net again and its not 1998 history

the code is
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string str = “marque text”;
string text = “<MARQUEE>” + str + “</MARQUEE>”;
Literal1.Text = text;

whtever way i us ei need to use MARQUEE