Browser freezing in apple machines on loading video

A very strange situation, that I have understood after quite a lot of tests and errors. I am trying to explain.

I have this site, where I have two videos on the right column that opens in popup.

Once I open the popup, in apple machines (laptop, desktop, tablette, smartphone) and for certain ISPs (the problem is not visible in non-apple machines, and also, happens only for certain ISP providers when apple), the browser progress bar starts moving, as if the page is loading. After about 10%, the browser freezes.

At times, the browser progress bar starts loading when I click on the play button and the browser freezes, and at times, the browser progress bar starts moving as soon as the popup opens, and browser freezes after sometime.

Once the browser freezes, if we wait for 10 - 15 minutes, sometimes, the browser is back to normal again (unless we click back on the video link of course) sometime.

Most surprisingly, this browser freezing is only happenning in apple products and in certain ISPs only.

Can anyone throw any light to this.

Thanks for any help or tips.

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