Browser doesn't reproduce scrolling position when it reloads a page

I’m used to the fact that when I redisplay a page by clicking Refresh, the page is scrolled back to the position it had before. In my experience, every major browser does this.

I’m now working on a project that don’t behave that way. When I refresh a page, browser scrolls it to the top. This makes editing very difficult. Every time I refresh a page to see my latest changes, I lose my place.

What makes the page do this? (I assume that once I understand why the pages do this, I’ll know how to make them stop.)

I’ve looked at this project in all three major browsers. Chrome and Firefox don’t scroll the page. Internet Explorer does, but just as weirdly, it ignores the page’s style sheet.

I believe you have to set a script, jquery or php to have the browser remember a specific cookie value that you set for that purpose.
off the bat a quick google search gave me this.
there are probab more answers.

I’d be curious to see an example of this behavior. Can you provide us a link?