Browser developer tool for debugging

Below is an example code snippet demonstrating the use of the browser developer tools, specifically the debugger statement, for debugging:

// Function to demonstrate debugging with debugger statement
function exampleDebugger() {
let variable1 = 5;
let variable2 = 8;

// Use of debugger statement for pausing execution

let result = variable1 * variable2;

// Output the result after debugging
console.log('Result:', result);

return result;


// Call the function for demonstration

// Iā€™m done writing

By placing the debugger statement in your code, you can pause the execution at that point and use the browser developer tools to inspect variables, step through code, and better understand the flow of your program.

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No need for the debugger statement though, you can also set breakpoints in the dev tools directly. :-)

IDEs for most other languages have a debugger like that. It is just browser applications that debuggers have fewer features than for other applications, such as shell/console and desktop. Windows has a non-GUI debugger as part of the Windows API separate from the IDE. There are many debugging tools for Linux. The point is that most developers experienced with other languages are familiar with debugging tools.