Browser compatibility cheat sheets

I am wondering if someone knows of a html browser compatibility cheat sheet, and a css browser compatibility cheat sheet? For all browsers, if possible. I would prefer free ones.

I like the Quirksmode compatibility tables. Very clear and thorough.

I mostly code for Internet Explorer and Firefox. If they work properly in those they’ll work in just about the rest of them (Opera, Safari, Chrome)

I don’t think there’s much of a need for compatibility cheat sheets to be honest, all browsers support (to some extent) most of the CSS 2.1 specification and everyone but IE is getting big on the CSS3, usually if you can get it to work fine in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera (which have few major rendering flaws between them) you should be OK (as specific IE flaws can be dealt with using conditional comments). The days of needing stockpiles of hacks are mostly behind us. :slight_smile:


Obviously noone has heard of such a thing.

So as I am trying to learn html and css with doctype strict, could someone please suggest a website, that provides a good lot of information, to learn html and css the doctype strict way, with browser compatibility please? Or even a book, that I can purchase in Australia.

SitePoint’s HTML Reference and [url=]CSS Reference contain browser compatibility information. They are references, not tutorials, though.