Broken Link in WP Site?

I apologize in advance for this noob question. (I’m more of a designer than a developer, this only my 3rd WP site).

I’ve built a test site for a client using a purchase theme. I can’t seem to find out why this link is broken on this page and the theme support has extremely poor.

I renamed the stock theme “Portfolio” page to “Staff Bios” If I change the page permalink to:
to match the new name of the page it is a broken link. It’s still looking for the stock theme subdomain “portfolio.”

Furthermore the page navigation below the thumbnail photos is also broken. If you try to navigate to Page 2 of the staff photos you get a 404 error message.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Themes can be set up differently so it is tricky to know what system your theme is using. But basically there are two properties in the Menu entry, first what the entry is called and second where the Menu item is looking. You’ve got a situation where you’ve changed the label text of the link but not the link itself.

If your theme uses Wordpress menus you can go to WP Admin>Appearance>Menus> Under the pages tab select Search and enter portfolio if that is your desired term. Once you have the page you want in the menu press add to Menu > Look on the right hand side and identify the new entry. Select the drop down arrow on the right side of the entry. In the drop down box you may change the label to read whatever you wish in the actual menu, it will still link to the page you just selected regardless. Click Save Menu. You can now test if the new menu entry works as you desire. If so then go back and delete the erroneous entry and re-position by clicking and dragging your new one in to place.