Brand New Subdomain in cPanel: Only Shows Up In Safari

Hi everyone,
I’m running OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and I have just created a brand new subdomain in cPanel. I load it up in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and it doesn’t show up at all. Just gives the standard message, “can’t find page”. I try clearing DNS using Terminal (sudo dscacheutil -flushcache), clearing cache in the my browsers, deleting all history and preferences in my browsers, going to OSX Preferences -> Network -> Renew DHCP Lease… Nothing works. So I talk with my hosting provider and they have no clue. They are able to see the subdomain without any problems and figure it may be ISP related.

I try my iPhone using 3G (different ISP) and it displays fine. What the heck! Then I try loading Parallels VM, Windows 8, IE10 and it too loads fine. This is using the exact same ISP as Mountain Lion is. Very strange…

Now I try Safari in OSX (the last browser to test) and it too loads fine! … OK so this means that Firefox, Chrome, and Opera are not letting me see the new subdomain, but Safari of all browsers is…

Has anybody else run into this issue before too? I would really like to get the subdomain working instantly as soon as I create it in cPanel in all of my browsers so that I can browser test any new design work.

Thank you,

You’ve got a tricky one there.

Have you had any other person try your sub-domain using a different network? Do you have any agent-user detection in your firewall setup? Are you running behind a proxy?


Yes it works for host gator support in Florida, but all of the browsers except for Safari will not be able to show the sub domain for me upon cPanel creation. It will take about a day or so for the other browsers to catch up, no matter how many times I try clearing the cache, resetting the DNS, or rebooting my machine. I don’t think it has anything to do with my ISP, I had similar experience with another ISP at a different home too.

The only network setup i have in ML is file sharing a media folder shared to my HTPC. I am using an application called SMBup to fix Mountain Lion’s failed attempt at Samba file sharing. No additonal network setup, proxy, or firewall to speak of.

Well DNS propagation commonly takes between 24 to 72 hours to update all public DNS forwarders, so this may not be as tricky as I first thought, it may just be that you have to wait until the subdomain propagates. If you want to use the sub-domain before the DNS propagation then you can setup the sub-domain in your hosts file, just remember in a few days to remove your local host setup so you know what is happening with the public DNS.

Is DNS propagation what you are dealing with?