Box will not allow line height

Hi - can anyone perhaps see why my Subscribe box at the top left of this page does not recognize any line height in all browsers?

I’ve tried adding font:0.9em/1.3 even font:0.9em/3 to .ebk p, but all browsers ignore it, and FF alone shows a small space between lines. All other browsers squash the lines closely together.

.ebk p {
padding:0 6px 3px;
margin:3px 0;
font:0.9em Arial,sans-serif; color:#006600; text-align:left;

I’ve tried reducing the text in the box to fewer words but that also makes no difference.

thank you for your kind help - Val

I see that you have .ebk p and .ebk .foot - both reference the same element - since the <p> has a class of .foot in your .ebk div.

Try deleting the .ebk p and add your line height to .ebk .foot

I seems you’ve made the changes suggested by conradical, and it seems to be working for me. But you haven’t set a specific line height now, which you can do it you want:

.ebk .foot {
	padding:0 6px 8px;
	margin:3px 0;
	font:0.9em[COLOR="#FF0000"]/1.3[/COLOR] Arial,sans-serif; color:#006600; text-align:left;

Thank you! I eliminated foot + adjusted p. That foot must’ve been a relic from text long gone…