Box stuck in box above

Hi – please can anyone perhaps tell me why the navigation box (scroll down below content) headed “How To Eat Raw Foods” on this page:

is stuck inside the box above it, where the last words are “Comment via Facebook”

AND hence all the boxes under the box “How To Eat…” are also stuck inside the box above (“Comment via…”)

YET on this page:


it’s not stuck inside the box above?

I’ve checked the source, and on both pages the box ending in “Comment via Facebook” is followed by 5 div endings, viz. <\div><\div><\div><\div><\div>

The only difference is that is done in wordpress, and is not. But that shouldn’t be a reason for a box to be stuck in a box above?

thank you for your kind help, Val

Hi Val,

I’m not seeing the clearing issue you mentioned. To me, the boxes appear to clear each other and the How to Eat Raw Foods is in its own container as seen in this screenshot:

We do see a few PHP warnings at the bottom of the page, though. Looking at your files, I can see the footnav.php doesn’t exist, so you may want to update your code or replace this file, if needed.

I hope that helps.

ha ha that was you guys! footnav.php has been there for years! You must’ve somehow dropped + lost it in the backup+restore on 7/2. There’s no way I’d be so sloppy as to not upload a php and - stretch your imagination + say I could’ve been so sloppy - then there’s no way I could be at my site every day for years and not notice a missing php file :slight_smile: Lucky you caught it. I better check all the other pages to see if anything else got lost on 7/2!

Do you see how on this page:


it displays correctly - the leafy green images are right against the edge of the browser window below the content box, as they are at the top of the content box.

but on the wordpress page:

the leafy green images are caught within the content box above so there’s this huge gap each side - and as a result there’s the gap each side all the way down to footnav:

Somehow wordpress is not releasing the space after content div ends


So, the issue is that on your non-WP site, your Content div stops just before the How To Eat Raw Foods navigation block. And, the Content is confined to 1038px.

The same is true for Content width on your WordPress theme, but in this case, your leaf divs are inside of the Content div, rather than outside of them as in your non-WP site, so their width is confined, just as it is for the divs that follow it.

So, there are a few ways to fix. Easiest seems to be to re-jigger the markup in your WP template to close the Content div sooner for that template.

I hope that helps.


Hi Eric - no, if you look at the code, you’ll see the leaf divs are outside the content div. That’s my point - that on both pages - wp and non-wp - all divs are properly closed (5 </div>s in all). e.g. On the page, the “view Source” looks like this:

…Comment via Facebook</a></li>
<!–End Loop–></div><!–txtbox–>

&lt;div id="leafup"&gt;
	&lt;div class="leafuplft"&gt;&lt;/div&gt;
	&lt;div class="leafuprgt"&gt;&lt;/div&gt;

As you can see, content IS closed. This is why I can’t understand WHY wordpress is not closing it. And instead is trapping the new div - <div id=“leafup”> - inside Content.

Would it make a difference if I ended the Loop somewhere else?

thanks! - Val