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I’m trying to put a bottom border on the bowtie image on here but it doesn’t seem to be doing it as neatly as the top one so that it is aligned seemlesly. The top border is working out perfect but the bottom border is not. I am using this code:

Image is just too tall

max-height: 516px;

to fix that

Hi, hantaah.

The image of the bowtie is not the same dimensions as the other two images. More specifically, it is not quite the same aspect ratio; but making it the same dimensions should fix it.

That said, using borders on separate images that scale opens the potential for the occasional pixel jog. Just so ya know.

EDIT: Silly person that I am, I didn’t notice that you had added the borders to the physical image of the bowtie. It’s not good to mix borders on the image with CSS borders. Guarantees a mismatch if the images scale. Plus it doubles the trouble if you switch to a vertical arrangement… double borders between images?

I thought that center image, the bowtie, was one of several in a slider?

Yh I was fiddling around with a few differnt sizes and classes but could seem to get it but got there in the end.

It looks perfect on firefox but not on chrome, what would be the fix for this and also I can’t get rid of a slight white thin line to the right of it where it end. Can you see it?

No, hantaah, it does not look perfect to me in Firefox on a PC. The borders above and below the images do not match. And the bowtie is not part of the slider. Have you changed your mind about using the slider? Please read my last message again.

I did but I wasn’t entirely clear on what you meant and then I used the suggestion of @megaziod and it looks good to me on firefox. Can you show a snap of what your seeing then?

I’m not sure what you mean about the slider also?

In this post, you state that the image is from featured product section.

In your older demo page, the bowtie has animated navigation arrows on the left and right sides. The code shows it to be the first image in a slider.

Views from Firefox:

Are the borders any better now?

They do not appear to be any different than those in my latest screen shots.

How now ( brown cow ) ?
returns a 404.

aw sorry

That looks quite good here!

YAY! the approval of @ronpat is very satisfying.

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But can the user replace the bowtie with the other “featured” images presumably with the forward-backward buttons?

They can but not dynamically. I found that the featured items content was upsetting this format so this is the only work around. So the user can easilly add the desired featured items there but they will not be dynamically pulled in from the shop :frowning:

Translated, does that mean that the bowtie image in that horizontal-vertical arrangement is permanent and will not change?

Yes not unless another image is added

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