Border 'inset'/'outset' issue with IE


<div style=“border: 2px black inset;width: 100px;height: 100px”></div>

on other browsers, the div will look 3D like, but my IE7 still render the div as though ‘inset’ is missing, I mean the div will look like plain old 2D.

what is the substitute of the element ‘inset’ so the div will look 3D across all browsers including IE??

Internet Explorer 7 creates 3D borders by drawing in a darker color. When your border color is black, this is not possible. Try using a lighter shade of gray; you can use an IE specific stylesheet to only show that color to Internet Explorer users.

thanks…the “problem” was coz’ed largely by my LCD light distortion.

i tried silver color and it looks more or less consistent across browsers.