Bootstrap3: Problems With Responsive Navbar Child Items

######## Jumped the gun on this… gitHub was having issues but it’s backup. I found that this is a reported and confirmed issue with BS3 ########

Hello all,

I’m playing around with bootstrap3 RC1 and i’m having some problems with the navigation bar. I’ve setup a menu with a couple of menu items, some of which are dropdown menus with child items. When i’m viewing it on a large screen (desktop size window) it works as expected. However, when i scale down the screen size, the menu does ‘respond’ as expected; it will even show me the child items when i click on a parent item. My problem is that when i click on a parent item and the child items show, they overlap the rest of the main menu items.

The coding has switched up a bit (ok, a lot :slight_smile: ) between versions 2 and 3, so i don’t know if i messed something up in my html, css or if it’s something with javascript.

To better explain what i’m talking about here is a link to a site that’s built using bootstrap 2 which is working as expected. On a small screen, clicking on a parent menu item shows the child items, and the other items in the main menu get ‘pushed’ down so that they are still clickable.

On the other hand, here’s the bootstrap 3 i’m messing with that is showing the child items just fine, but they overlap the main menu items:

Can anyone help me out with what’s causing the issue? Is it something i need to fix via CSS or is it something with javascript?

Thanks in advance for any input!


Glad you found the problem but could you provide a link to the issue for others who are having the same problem :slight_smile: