Bootstrap menu wrapping around logo

Hi folks,

Having a silly bug on my menu when its in mobile mode. It wraps around my logo when ideally I want it to layer above it. I’ve attached a screenshot.


is the possible CSS rule the problem here?
PS Want to keep the width to auto.

Do you have a link? Then we can play with your code. :smile:

Of course (sorry totally forgot to add) try -

Ok possible solution -!topic/twitter-bootstrap-stackoverflow/f-9dT8wqszs

What I would do is redo that area using the navbar-brand class on the a element within the navbar component:

Probably not what you want to hear though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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… no i didnt : ) but will look into this.

Fault was to do with a div class of .dm-logo. Changed the markup and it looks better.

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