Bootstrap carousels and sliders accessible for AA, and screen readers?

Are bootstrap carousels and sliders accessible for screen readers?

I thought this was a known assertion, but I’ve had trouble finding solid research.

Trying to match AA accessibility as well as make sure everything is fully functional with a screen reader.

Here is an example billed as accessible, but I doubt the creator tested it with a screen reader.

It’s rather repetitive and doesn’t pay attention to labels. For example the correct “next” and “previous” screen reader only text gets overridden by the unnecessary ARIA labels. And the tab roles could be confusing for some users because it clearly calls itself a carousel-- doesn’t really behave like a tabset or display information like a tabset. Also, depending how picky you are about WCAG 2.4.3, one could claim the focus order is loopy. But as a starting point, it could meet AA guidelines without a lot of work.

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