Bootstrap 5 - Unwanted Whitespace to right

I’m struggling with Bootstrap, I’m trying to create a one page site here However I have somehow created whitespace (and horizontal scroll) to the right of the page, for which I cannot identify root cause

I appreciate that rows have negative margins and should have columns immediately after in order to prevent this, but I just can’t figure it out.



The scrollbar and extra space is caused by the right arrow on the slick slider that you have placed right:-25px.

.slick-next {
    right: -25px;

If the slider is 100% then there is no space outside of that slider that won’t cause a scrollbar. Move the arrow back inside the slider.

.slick-next {
    right: 25px;

Or if you don’t want arrows then set them to display:none.


Thank-you for your help, once I positioned the arrows all was well

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