Bootstrap 5 - Flexbox justify-content-center not working on web host

I’m struggling with Bootstrap, I’m trying to create a one page site here for my brother.

However I have an issue with “justify-content-center” not working , see attached screenshot.

The weird thing is it works when I view the page locally, but when I upload and view via webhost it does not work. It did work online once, but i’m unable to trace any changes that I made that caused it,

Any advice would be appreciated


Your online version is using bootstrap3 (which uses floats) but your local version is using flex which is bootstrap4 I believe.

 * Bootstrap v3.1.1 (
 * Copyright 2011-2014 Twitter, Inc.
 * Licensed under MIT (


Thats so strange, when I looked at the file online in WinSCP it was showing version 5, but the page was pulling v3 which was nowhere in the directory.

Deleted the .min version and now using the bigger version of the bootstrap css

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