Bootstrap 3 Carousel crashing Microsoft Edge?

I have a Bootstrap 3 carousel on the following page:

This works fine in all browsers and devices apart from Microsoft Edge . Microsoft Edge crashes after the first transition. It’s the same with any page on this website that features a Bootstrap 3 Carousel.

Should I react to this or is it likely that this is simply a bug in Microsoft Edge that will be fixed with future releases?

Thank you

I don’t have Microsoft Edge so I cannot evaluate the issue… but…

out of curiosity, why do you have an inner vertical scroll bar??? Just for the cookies question/option?

It’s definitely playing up on Edge, that much I can confirm. There also seems to be a problem with the carousel on The Tackroom Cottage too, with both Safari and Chrome - you can scroll through the pictures of the inside of the Stable Room, but can’t on the other, the page just jumps. I’m also seeing problems with the menu drop-down on the Tackroom - it doesn’t drop in either Chrome or Safari.

I’d take a look at these errors too, they may point the way to part of the problem -

Hi ronpat. I have a slide-out menu on the left.

Hi chrisofarabia.
There are problems all over the place. On this page for example:

I have the following:

<p><a href="contact.php?c=SC" class="btn btn-success" role="button"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-envelope"></span> Booking Enquiries</a></p>

This just doesn’t work on iPad, yet it is nothing more than a Bootstrap button link which makes me think that there is something more fundamentally wrong with some of my code. I’ll check those W3 errors and see if, by resolving them, the issues are resolved.

Thank you

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