Boost Your WordPress Capabilities with These Top Plugins

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WordPress is a favorite of web professionals, and novices to website development, because of its ease of use. The wide array of plugins ensures that you’re able to find pre-made tools for common administrative tasks.

Unfortunately, many of the plugins listed on the WordPress Plugin Directory overlap with each other in functionality. Need a contact form? Running a query on that topic yields 775,000 results. How about SEO? You’ll get 802,000 results.

Fortunately, choosing the right plugins for your site is easier thanks to an article from The article provides readers with a listing of the most popular WordPress plugins being used on the Alexa top 500K sites. We’ve also covered the most popular WordPress plugins by number of downloads in a previous article on SitePoint, the results are similar to what’s listed on the HackerTarget article.

Below is a summary of the top plugins broken down by category so you can make an informed decision when adding content to your website.

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