Boonex - Dolphin - Social Community Software

Hi, anyone have implemented Boonex - Dolphin- Social software successfully…

I use SocialEngine for my community site and it works pretty well. It’s quite similar to Facebook. I tested quite a few other community scripts and thought SocialEngine was the best.

If we talk about “free” Boonex, I want to inform you that I’ve spent more than 2000 dollars on bug fixing and removal of their copyright. There’s nothing free nowadays, my friends. Better to purchase a monster script like Chameleon ( Will save a lot.

If you are not (good) programmer+dba+designer+sys admin, don’t buy out the software. Just go with hosted solution that comes with software, templates, hosting, support and maybe profiles.

I tried it out in the past and it wasn’t bad. I just got an email today actually saying the new version is finally out and from the demo it looks a lot better. I had my own custom script developed instead of using Dolphin, so I’ve got two extra full licenses you could have for like $100 if you want to get it cheap.

(And yes, before anyone mentions it, I have two posts, but I’m happy using escrow etc).

Why boonex is a scam?

Boonex problem nr1. No coding standard

Boonex is writen by several people using different technologies. Its main base (Dolphin) is writen in pure php with its own template engine and forum (Orca) uses xlst. That has large negative impact to integration of forum in site and site in forum. When coding, please use single technology and template system.

Whats even worser, different parts of dolphins code itself is writen by completely different people, and very in the hurry. So everyone has its own imagination how to interact with different parts of the code. It is very tricky to modify code that way to suit site needs.

Boonex problem nr2. Template engine and separation of code/design/database

This problem in dolphin/boonex needs a point on its own. Boonex uses custom template system ( that should be called layout system). The blocks of generated html code are pased to specific places in the template. That creates a big headache for programers as they need to search through code for the place where some box is generated. It might be generated in template, or in specific function in one of numerous includes. And so on. Even pligg has better templating than this.

It is very tricky to rip boonex templating apart, as whole coding is based on such poor programming practice. They would be better off using existing template system like smarty or similar one.

This leads to problem nr3

Boonex problem nr3. Crapy use of Database

We saw serveral other competing sites launched on boonex, but we did not care much. Why? Becouse when they reach 500-1000 daily visitors they will break apart. The reason for it is very bad programming and use of database.

For example, boonex uses profile builder which assigns fields to profiles. So the output of profile uses more than one table and is quite inefficient.

Also, there is a nice 20-30 query overhead on each page display to fetch all the configuration values from table. Silly, isn’t it ? They would be FAR better of using a file for configuring sofware or caching it in php file like it is done in most of the systems.

Another simple problem. When boonex wants to display a profile being online it additionally check database for its status. But that data was pulled from database already. So 20 useless queries again.


I would not suggest using boonex if you want to keep your programmers sane. We have have changed the code almost completely for now, and you will need to do that too. Boonex is a scam.

Boonex Dolphin is not the best. There are so many social networking software out there. Just compare and read the reviews. Here’s a site you can read reviews of each script

Boonex Dolphin 7 is best now except for one issue that the Video Play error.
Everything seems fine in v7.0, but when i play the video after successful upload i get this error:

“Error ! File not found”

Hope someone solves this, Many of us have this problem, no solution yet. But the demo site at boonex works fine.

I also have their No Powered by Unlimited License worth 999 which i can sell for half the price if anyone wants :slight_smile:

I agree that Boonex IS A SCAM

I had to purchased their “Advanced” membership to first be able to contact anyone to ask questions or get help. Then after purchasing a license for $39 I posted on their forums and was dog piled by their staff and premium members who have been around so long they forgot how to be polite.

I never got the software working because most hosts have restrictions for the .EXE files that are in the software.

I sent emails to their staff about the abuse in their forums and never received any replies. I never received any support replies either…you have to purchase a Premium Membership to get direct help.

Needless to say, my request for a refund has been ignored and they have blocked my access to any support channels available on their site.









Their sales gimick is to suck you in with the “Free Version”. Then you look at their forums and think you will be able to get some support but after you pay, their Premium Members will pounce you and the first thing you want to do is go buy a Premium Membership so they can stop calling you newb etc. But don’t get sucked in. They just want you to spend that money and you will never see your $20 again…or your $5…or your $39.

I am very frustrated because I have received absolutely ZERO communication from their staff…and I am out money I could have used on something else. I am contacting the authorities in their country as well as their hosts city here in the U.S. with a complaint. Had they at least responded, I wouldn’t feel so upset about it. but to not even respond it just fraudulent and unprofessional.

Not to mention one character there has several accounts and will try to get your URL info so he can look you up and stalk you if you piss him off and “disrespect him”…creepy.:confused: