Book order

What order should I read the sitepoint books in, if I already have them all?

Are you just asking about the JavaScript books, as in your other topic?

I am talking about all the sitepoint books on every subject.

That would surely depend on what your aim is. Assuming it’s some form of web development, you should probably start with HTML and CSS. (@Mittineague gave a full reply in your other thread about how to decide between different books on the same topic.)

The issue is that I usually read several books at a time, and I assign them an order of importance. I’m just trying to give these books an order in which to read them so that they all get read. I also read reference books from cover to cover like any other book. So if you or anyone else has a preferred order that they can suggest, I would love to hear about it. Right now I am reading several religious books, 1 books on web design, and 1 on JavaScript.

I too have a habit of reading several books “at the same time” (that is, I don’t always read a book from cover to cover before starting to read another book)

In fact, perhaps this is a better way to learn web development.
A lot of times one discipline overlaps and is intertwined with other disciplines.

So instead of trying to become expert in HTML, then expert in CSS, then expert in JavaScript …
It makes more sense to me to advance in multiple disciplines at similar rate. eg.
Become literate in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then become proficient in all three, then advanced in all three, with the ultimate goal of becoming expert in all three.

Note that IMHO becoming expert in everything web is a pipe dream. It is difficult enough to keep up with advances in any one area of web development let alone all of them.

The more knowledge you have about “everything” the better, but I think most eventually find what they are most in love with / skilled at / required to know and focus primarily on that area.

I think a major “divide” is programming vs. designing. For example, I like to think that my programming skills for some languages are advanced, but I’ll be the first to admit that my design skills are OK at best.


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