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I have a website that is hosted by bluefish hosting in Utah. I can’t seem to access my control panel . 500 internal server error keeps coming up. The problem is I can’t contact bluefish. I have been calling them for 2 weeks straight, I’ve emailed them numerous times and nothing. Does anyone have any experience with this company? are they still operating? is there anyway I can move my site to another hosting provider without access to my control panel? I can’t do any work on it at the moment and I’m worried that I may end up losing the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As long as you have access to you domain name settings - e.g. it is not in your bluefish account - and you have a copy of the website,

Setup your new hosting; upload your site, change your DNS setting in your domain name control panel from for example ns1.bluehosting. com to

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my domain name is also handled by bluefish. Thought it was easier to have everything together but that was obviously a mistake. So there’s nothing else I can do? Thanks again

Not always - I did that with my first website without a problem - although it seems recommended by most people.

You may be able to get your domain back through the registrars? I think I have read posts here with other people having a similar problem. They charge for the service but it is not a great deal. Bluehost sold and host the domain name but there is another company above them. What tld is it?

I checked it out there. The registrar is tucows domains inc. sponsoring regitrar is IANA ID:69. So you think they can help me get it back? the website is a .com.

Aha! Another member has learned the lesson not to use their web host as their registrar, too! Others, please take heed.

C_L; Contact tucows and explain the problem. They should be able to give you access to their control panel for your domain name. Then, follow @Rubble’s first post. Remember, if your host is giving you fits, MOVE! There are enough good hosts out there that you don’t have to put up with this sort of nonsense.

HINT: If your domain is getting 500 responses, you may have made an error with your .htaccess file. Use FTP to rename .htaccess to TEST.htaccess so that it doesn’t break your website. Then download and examine your code carefully. Any syntax error can result in a dead website.



Hi DK,

Thanks for the post. I have emailed Tucows and am waiting on a response. I will definitely move as soon as I can, very disappointed in the customer service. Regarding the 500 response, I am not getting it for the domain, my site is still up and everything is fine there, I am getting it for the control panel on the bluefish website. Any suggestions there?



Hi Juergen,

I’m in. :smile: :smile: Your prayers must have worked. :smile:
Thank you so much for the help. Really appreciate it.


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