Blogspot logo not showing up properly

I don’t think i have experienced this problem before. I had a blogspot logo which i have put on my blog but it’s showing with a black background, even though when i made the logo in PS, it had a transparent background. Any idea as to why this is? how do i fix this?


Anyone got any advice on this issue? been trying to figure this out all day but just can’t get my head around it. Judging by the fact i’ve had no responses, i presume this issue is very uncommon. Google search returns nothing.

Well, you don’t seem to have uploaded a blavatar at all: upload it on Settings->General on the dashboard.

Change the setting of your default browser as suggested by Ralph. Second thing is that you may have missed some code. So please check code properly and then run it on the browser. I hope this will help you better.

For me, the logo just has a slight gray background. In the past I’ve seen transparent images display a black bg in some browsers, but I can’t remember why … except that I don’t think they were saved/created properly. My advice in this case would be to recreate the logo with a white background, as you don’t need it to be transparent here anyway.