Blogging Without WordPress?

Hi, simple question that may not have a simple answer.

Now I’m not against WordPress, it obviously has its place. Maybe it’s the best solution. Let’s just say I want to add a blog component to my website, but I don’t really want to hack a WordPress template, and build around the code that WordPress provides. Of course, I still want to archive and manage old posts.

I would imagine in the old days, you did this part manually. Which would suck. Is there something between writing your own blog code/archiving system and WordPress that doesn’t tie you down with having to modify a template to match the layout of the rest of your site? Like a WordPress Lite?

Or is building your entire site based around the WordPress application the simplest & only method for adding a blog/archiving system? Or would this involve creating your own custom WordPress-like package which would be an enormous and almost futile effort?

I have not used it myself, but Perch may be the Wordpress Lite you are looking for: Read the site’s information and see if it will do what you want. You can download it and try it out for free.

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You could checkout Hotscripts although last time I looked a lot of their links were broken.

This is where good Content Management Systems come into play. With any half decent CMS you can build whatever sort of site you want, including adding a blog if that’s what you want (or any other type of content), plus you can build templates however you wish as well.

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I am currently working on a Wordpress website and I can honestly say it is frustrating. This is the first time I have used a CMS properly and it is a lot more user friendly than when I tried it 10 years ago?

I like to be in control and to be honist it is perfect for certain sites but it is not a one size fits all option.

The OP has a site and they seem happy with it; I would look for some blogging code I could fit into my site.

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