Blogger Mobile CSS Issue


I’m trying to change the custom CSS of my blog on Blogger - I can change everything fine except when it comes to mobile, it is over-writing my background colour preference.

If you look here then you can see that halfway down the page my background goes black.

When inspecting the element it does show body { background: #000000} however on my custom CSS, which the desktop version of my blog picks up, the code is body { background-color: white !important;}

Blogger is clearly over-writing it for some reason and I cannot work out how to get a white background for my mobile site. The address of my blog is here.

Does anyone have any idea what might fix it?


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Please close this as I have fixed the issue.

Would you mind telling what you found and what you did to fix the problem? (It sounded interesting )

Of course. The mobile template was set to “Default”, so I changed the mobile template to the “Awesome Inc” template - which is the same as my main template.

It’s often something staring me in the face when I’m stuck!!


Yes that often happens :smile:

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