Blogger based Blog has been Hacked, How to Remove Penalty?

This has happened very first time with me that even a blogger’s blog has been hacked by a hacker. According to Search console my blog is creating pages like…


But I these are the Auto Generated pages by Blogger and to sort out I have to check my database and files but on blogger we don’t have such kind of database… so can I sort out this issue?

I tried contacting blogger and their forum but did not get any reply from them.


Your site has vulnerabilities that may come from a number of sources. Are your plugins/widgets up to date?

Refer to and to restore a backup if you have one.

Did you try removing suspicious pages from your dashboard? Unfortunately Blogger doesn’t provide directory access. After clean up, put your site behind a free web application firewall service like Cloudbric to block traffic involving suspicious behavior.

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