Blog layout in responsive WordPress site

Is it possible to change the layout of blogs of a responsive wordpress on a mobile?

That will depend on the theme

this is my site:

Its was build using penguin framework.

Do you have a development server to try these things out on, before they get applied to the live site?

yeah. I got wamp

So you wrote the theme?

No, I didn’t wrote the theme. It was made by someone self

Do you have a link for its original provider?

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this is the link to the penguin framework

Have you thought to contact them and ask?

I took a look at that site, but none of their listed themes look much like the one you have on your site. Who did the customisation work? Maybe it would be worth contacting them?

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Isn’t there anyway to do this using JS or something else

Why would you want to use JS?

because I dont have the means to contact the developers.

doing it myself is the only option.

so please help

OK. Find out where your theme is located - probably in a folder under /wp-content/themes/.

Look for a file called index.php

Download a copy to where you can look at it in your editor

Then take a look at how it’s structured. You should be able to get a pretty good idea of how it is structured, and work from there. That said, most the layout will likely be done in it’s associated CSS, which will be a part of the same theme folder structure.

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As you’ve been told in other posts, it’s the HTML and CSS you should be changing, not trying to add unspecified JS.

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